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The Abandoned Hospital

THE ABANDONED HOSPITAL - UNIT D (also available in french)


During the 1800s and early 1900s, America was ravaged by a deadly disease known as the “white death” that we now know as tuberculosis. This very contagious plague, for which no cure existed, claimed entire families and sometimes entire towns. In 1900, Louisville, Kentucky had one of the highest tuberculosis death rates in America. Built on low, swampland, the area was the perfect breeding ground for disease...


The Zodiac Room (Back by Popular Demand)  UNIT A (also available in french)


Get inside the mind of the detective who investigated The Zodiac Killer. This room is a puzzle lovers dream come true! From crosswords to logic puzzles it has it all. You and your team will be locked in side the detectives office and must work together to decipher the riddles in order to escape the same fate as Detective Toshi.


Lego Room

UNIT D  (Also available in french)

 We are looking for a team of brave people to come save Lego World from utter destruction.  In order to do this your team will have to navigate a series of challenges that will test your skills.  Do you think you have what it takes to save Lego World and escape through the portal on time before it closes?


The Chambers of Secrets - UNIT A (also available in french)

Have you ever dreamed of roaming the halls of Hogwarts? Well, here is your chance! Dive into the search for the Chamber of Secrets and help Harry Potter defeat the dark forces that surround Hogwarts. Keep in mind, finding the Chamber of Secrets may turn out to be the easiest task at hand, defeating Lord Voldemort and escaping with your life will prove to be the most difficult challenge of them all!


Duration: 1 hour

Accommodation:  minimum of  4 players  -max 10 players

Age: 12+  (12- accompanied by an adult)

Level of difficulty: medium


Santa's Work Shop - UNIT A (also available in french)

Oh no! Your name has just been placed on the naughty list. There is only

one thing you can do, call up your friends and head up to the North Pole.

Will you be able to navigate through Santa’s workshop unnoticed and

remove your name off the naughty list before Christmas morning or will you

remain on the list and simply get stuck with a lump of coal?

ONCE UPON A TIME - UNIT D  (kids) (also available in french)   Opens March 2th.


 Age: 8+ (-8 must be accompanied by an adult)

Level Difficulty: Medium

Accommodation: Min. 4 players.  Max.  8 players

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $23 tax included per player







 The Wine Cellar (also available in french)

You’ve just learned about the passing of great aunt Eleanor. This may come as a surprise considering you thought the old miserable lady would never die. As a result, you’ve all been invited one last time to her homestead for the reading of her will. As much as you are dreading spending an afternoon with family, you’re all curious as to who will inherit great aunt Eleanor’s 1787 Chateau d’Yquem bottle of wine worth over 56 000$. Will you be able to put your differences aside and share the wealth or will one of you keep everything for himself? Perhaps you will all leave with nothing.

Recommended Age: 14 years and older, younger players must be accompanied by adults.


Recommended Age: 14 years and older, younger players must be accompanied by adults.

Level Difficulty: Hard

Accommodation: up to 6 players

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $23 tax included per player


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