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The Abandoned Hospital


During the 1800s and early 1900s, America was ravaged by a deadly disease known as the “white death” that we now know as tuberculosis. This very contagious plague, for which no cure existed, claimed entire families and sometimes entire towns. In 1900, Louisville, Kentucky had one of the highest tuberculosis death rates in America. Built on low, swampland, the area was the perfect breeding ground for disease...


This room will bring you back to your childhood whether that may be a good memory or a nightmare that has yet to be determined! You and friends go to our neighbourhood toy store to get your antique doll fixed. Since you had to work late you were forced to come after hours and you now find yourself locked in...



The Zodiac Room (Back by Popular Demand)

Get inside the mind of the detective who investigated The Zodiac Killer. This room is a puzzle lovers dream come true! From crosswords to logic puzzles it has it all. You and your team will be locked in side the detectives office and must work together to decipher the riddles in order to escape the same fate as Detective Toshi.

 Mario Room

Also available in french

Bowser is at it again! He’s kidnapped Princess Peach and stolen the Pixelator from the Mushroom Kingdom. With the help of the Pixelator, Bowser has been sucking people all over the world into the video game! Mario has managed to collect enough star power to recruit the best of the best to help him rescue Princess Peach and retrieve the Pixelator to return everyone to planet earth. As his all star team you must now defeat Bowser and save the world or suffer the devastating fate of staying stuck in the video game FOREVER! 



The Chambers of Secrets 

Have you ever dreamed of roaming the halls of Hogwarts? Well, here is your chance! Dive into the search for the Chamber of Secrets and help Harry Potter defeat the dark forces that surround Hogwarts. Keep in mind, finding the Chamber of Secrets may turn out to be the easiest task at hand, defeating Lord Voldemort and escaping with your life will prove to be the most difficult challenge of them all!


Come face to face with Jigsaw in this terrifying new room! As we bring you to a place where many have lost their lives we hope that you will be one of the lucky ones who manage to outwit Jigsaw. Do you have what it takes to survive? Let the games begin!



(506) 380-3525


355 Dieppe Blvd, Dieppe NB E1A8H4

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